Talking Heads is a company that was started by Mrs. Rema Sangeeth 18 years ago. Talking Heads functions using different salon techniques. Because of this, Talking Heads gained immense appeal among Kochites within a short time period. The salon is located at Panampilly Nagar which is the most populous residential area of the metro city and easily accessible to everyone. Our 18 years experience gives us the confidence to make innovations in the salon industry. Because of our experience and professionalism, Talking Heads is the only station in Kerala that provides L’Oreal Professional hair care and treatments, which are of international standards.

Talking Heads is a highly stylish salon. Our hairdressers are eager to break the rules of tradition and are masters of creativity. A L’Oreal Professional company trained team performs the treatments and services. Talking Heads is very proud to be an official associate of L’Oreal Professional in Kerala. We do all the treatments for hair and skin as per L’Oreal Professional standards.

Talking Heads offers a range of services including beauty therapy, trendy hair cuts, Permanent blow dry, hair straightening, hair strengthening, keratin smoothing, sleek intense smoothing treatments, bridal makeup, Facials,Skin peeling,manicure, pedicure, etc.

We assure that you will never regret you decision to select Talking Heads as your hair and skin care center.

L'oreal professional Absolut Repair Cellular

For dry and dammaged hair

L'oreal professionnel Liss Ultime

For frizzy and unmanageable hair

L'oreal professionnel Vitamino Color

For coloured hair