Color Lock Service

The Color Lock Service provides instant conditioning to color treated hair. The advanced formula works to set and protect haircolor, while enhancing shine and reinforcing the hair fiber.

Hair Type: for color-treated hair

Recommended at-home maintenance: Vitamino Color

Fiber-Repair Service

Absolut Repair Cellular targets the very core of the hair fiber to deliver maximum repair to very dry, damaged hair. The conditioning Cleansing Balm, Powercell Repair serum, and Thermo Repair blow-dry spray work together in this Fiber-Repair service to repair the hair from the inside out and protect against further damage.

Hair Type: for very dry, damaged hair

Recommended at-home maintenance: Absolut Repair Cellular

Ultimate Reconstructing Service

Fiberceutic is Série Expert’s first 2-step in-salon service featuring Intra-Cylane™ technology that helps reconstruct and strengthen very weak damaged hair from the inside out. Fiberceutic helps sensitized hair return to its natural condition, shine and softness and protects against further damage. Results last up to 10 shampoos.

Hair Type: for very weak, damaged hair

Recommended at-home maintenance:We recommend using any of our Série Expert haircare repair ranges after a Fiberceutic treatment. Ask your stylist what would work best for your particular hair needs.

Ultimate Smoothing Service

This high-definition smoothing treatment tames even the most unruly hair into luscious, manageable locks. Ultra-charged smoothing polymers leave hair radiant with intense shine, softness and beautiful definition.

Hair Type: for unmanageable, frizzy hair

Recommended at-home maintenance:Liss Ultime

Progressive Strength Blow-Dry Service

The Progressive Strength Blow-Dry Service combines the strengthening benefits of Force Refill with a professional blow-dry service incorporating Force Vector Thermo-Active Treatment. In this service, the heat from the blow-dryer works to amplify the strengthening effects and weak, fragile hair is left feeling stronger, shinier, and more resilient!

Hair Type: for weak, fragile hair

Recommended at-home maintenance: Force Vector

Luminous Highlights Service

The Luminous Highlights Service is specifically formulated for highlighted hair. The Powerdose Contrast serum works to selectively target highlighted strands and deeply condition and brighten them without weighing down the rest of the hair. Highlighted hair is left conditioned and brilliantly shiny.

Hair Type: for highlighted hair

Recommended at-home maintenance: Lumino Contrast

Huile Richesse Service

Huile Richesse is part of the Série Nature portfolio. This product has been developed to include a maximum degree of naturalness without compromising on product performance. The Huile Richesse service is formulated for hair that is very dry and dehydrated. It works to add softness and shine to the hair fiber while treating and smoothing the scalp.

Hair Type: for very dry hair

Recommended at-home maintenance: Source de Richesse

Cataplasme Service

Cataplasme is part of the Série Nature portfolio. These products have been developed to include a maximum degree of naturalness without compromising on product performance.

FIG CATAPLASME therapy targets clients with very sensitized and damaged hair. This 2-step in-salon service leaves hair feeling nourished and deeply conditioned without being weighed down.

Hair Type: for sensitized and damaged hair

Recommended at-home maintenance: any Série Nature haircare regimen.

GINSENG CATAPLASME therapy targets clients with color-treated hair lacking radiance and shine. This 2-step in-salon service deeply conditions hair with a lightweight formula that leaves hair infused with brilliantly restored color and enhanced shine.

Hair Type: for dry, color treated hair

Recommended at-home maintenance: any Série Nature haircare regimen.