Liss Ultime

For frizzy and unmanageable hair

For unruly hair, Série Expert offers you Liss Ultime, a line designed to control, tame and smooth hair.

Technology: Oil Incell

A combination of Incell and nourishing oils (Olive and Argan oil) soften, enhance and nourish the hair fibre while smoothing it. It works on the A & B zones.

Sleek Intense Smoothing Treatment:

A intense smoothing programme for frizz—free sophisticated styles!

Results: Hair is tamed and controlled!It is transformed and smoothed along its entire length.

At-home Solutions

Absolut Repair Cellular

For dry and damaged hair

Dry and damaged hair needs treatments with high technological value for an instant reconstructing effect.

Technology: Lactic Acid

The 1st range of cellular repair at the heart of the fibre. Lactic acid reaches zone C to reconstruct and restore the health of hair.

Nutri-Boost Repair Treatment:

This rich and luxurious treatment gently repairs damaged fibres and deeply nourishes the hair!

Results: Absolut Repair Cellular provides intense nourishment. Supple, smooth and with perfectly healthy ends, hair has never looked so beautiful!

At-home Solutions

Vitamino Color

For coloured hair

Reveal all the radiance of a beautiful hair colour with this line, specially designed to make your favourite colour last for longer.

Technology: lncell & Hydro Resist.

Vitamino Colour benefits from dual technology. Incell acts in zone B to consolidate the intercellular cement. Hydro resist provides a protecting hydrophobic effect!

Ultra Shine Colour Treatment:

This is a colour-protecting experience for luxurious long-lasting colour radiance.

Results:Rebuilt from within, hair radiates with colour.Protected on the outside,the hair colour is maintained for longer.

At-home Solutions

Force Vector

For dry and brittle hair

Série Expert’s reinforcing care range fortifies weak hair while increasing its density and suppleness!

Technology: Glycocell

Incell consolidates and fortifies the hair fibre and reconstructsthe internal struOture. Royal Jelly extract nourishes and strengthens hair from within.

Anti-hairfall Treatment:

This treatment intensively fortifies and strengthens weak hair whilst giving it 5 times the force to fight hairfall* better.

Results: Hair fiber is reinforced arid strengthened with complete anti-breakage protection, eaving the hair stronger, softer and more supple!

At-home Solutions

Scalp series

This line is designed to give you a healthy scalp,free from irritation or flaking.

Sensi Balence - for Sensitive scalp

Technology: Sorbitwin.

Results: This dermoprotective shampoo calms irritions and sensations of discomfort.

Instant Clear - for dandruff

Technology: Q Piritone Technology.

Results: This shampoo is proven to seffectively treat dandruff and soothe scalp.

Power Clear - for Severe dandruff

Technology: Selenium AP

Results: This treatment shampoo removes the most stubborn dandruff and prevents it from coming back.

Pure Resource - for normal to oily scalp

Technology: Citramine

Results: This purifying shampoo ensures that the scalp and hair are moisturized during cleansing.

Density Advanced for hair Loss

Technology: Omega 6 Nutricomplex

Results: This shampoo nourishes the roots and restores vitality and density.

At-home Solutions

Aminexil Advanced

Forthinning hair

Arm yourself with an effective weapon against hair loss with this dual action treatment with proven results.

Technology: Omega 6 Nutricomplex

Incell Aminexil Advanced combines 2 technologies to effectively combat hair loss. A A patented active ingredient from L’Orél research,Aminexil technology acts to fight against the rigidification of collagen, enabling the root to be better anchored in the scalp.

Densifying hair Treatment:

This treatment targets the roots to stimulate root activity and work better anchorage of the hair in the scalp.

Results: Hair loss is significantly slowed down.Hair density increases by +5% in 6 weeks (clinically proven).

At-home Solutions

Volume Expand

For fine and limp hair

This range is formulated with powerful active ingredients to give your hair a volume boost.

Technology: Mineral Technology

Using cutting-edge Mineral technology featuringMineral CA ( Calcium) and Mineral Sl Silica), Volume Expand increases the space between the hair fibres, creating a network of contact points that structure and consolidate the hair giving it. optimal volume with a natural touch.

Results: The volume of your hair is restored from the roots to the tips.Hair is softer and visibly denser!

At-home Solutions