This is the day when dreams come true for every woman. The bride is the focal point of every wedding. In this auspicious day all eyes are on the bride. She is supposed to be the most beautiful person of the day. The perfect wedding gown, dazzling jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle are all very important things to the bride on this day. Talking Heads helps you to complete you dreams as a bride by preparing you for the very big event. We cater to your specific needs on that day.


The very first step in looking beautiful for your wedding day is bridal preparation. It may start at least a month before the marriage day depending on the skin texture. The beautician may also suggest some food controls such as keeping away from fried foods and making use of natural ingredients like orange peel, beetroot, etc. to achieve a perfect glow of the skin. Using such treatments before the makeup will result in the best results on the wedding day. During these times the beautician can give an orientation course for the big day and prepare her how to conduct herself for the big event. Dress rehearsal will add extra confidence to the bride for the occasion.

Wedding day

After all these preparations comes the wedding day. Wedding day makup can be done either in parlour or at the bride’s residence. The makeup we provide will always match with the dress and jewelry. We make the bride look beautiful in all different conditions like indoor and outdoor lighting situations. The makeup we provide will remain in top quality until the marriage ceremony and reception are over.

Car decoration

The decorations we are providing to the bride’s chariot will match with the dress and makeup of the bride. The car should be stylishly decorated as the scene demands.

Bridal bouquet

A matching bridal bouquet is very essential for the bride. Extra care will be given while making the bridal bouquet. It will always match with the bride’s dress and makeup. Our experience in the field will ensure a perfect bridal bouquet.